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IQOS Heets Yellow Selection
IQOS Heets Yellow Selection
IQOS Heets Yellow Selection
IQOS Heets Yellow Selection
IQOS Heets Yellow Selection
IQOS Heets Yellow Selection
IQOS Heets Yellow Selection
IQOS Heets Yellow Selection

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IQOS Heets Yellow Selection

AED 85 AED 120

Carton: 1 Carton / 200 Sticks (10 packs)

Taste: Sweet and sour. Mellow and aromatic, Yellow Selection combines zesty aroma notes with a subtle tobacco blend.

Heets Kazakhstan

8 Flavors

0.5 MG

14 Puffs

10 Packs / 200 Heat Sticks

Heets Made For IQOS

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IQOS Heets Yellow Selection is another amazing flavor of the IQOS family. This tobacco stick is specially designed for those who want to reduce the harshness of smoking and enjoy smoother smoke. With its light notes, it gives you an experience that is very close to cigarettes. These Yellow tobacco sticks are full of tobacco flavor along with a sweet aftertaste.


Flavor Taste:

Zesty and aromatic, Yellow Selection combines mellow tobacco notes with a subtle sweetness. The whole flavor makes a brilliant sweet and smokey combination that is sure to please. You will feel the smoothness and sweetness in every puff.


IQOS Heets Yellow Selection is Suitable for whom?

People who are trying to switch from regular cigarettes to a less-harmful option will love IQOS Heets Yellow Selection. This tobacco stick features a mild and balanced taste that is ideal for those who prefer classic tones. It has subtle notes of a tobacco blend with sweetness as well as a delicate aroma that won't overpower your senses. So if you want to switch without compromising on the flavor of classic cigarettes, IQOS Heets Yellow Selection is a perfect choice.


Title Specification
Product NameIQOS Heets Yellow Selection
Sticks BrandHEETS made for IQOS (Heets Classic From Kazakhstan)
Box ColourYellow
Aroma NoteMild & Zesty
Total Puffs14 Puffs
Nicotine/Sticks0.5 MG / Heets stick
Dimensions162 x 75 x 47 mm
Box Weight240 Gram
What is in the Box1 Carton (20 Packs / 200 Heatsticks)
Total Flavors8 Flavors
Sticks Compatible WithIQOS 3 DUO Originals, IQOS 3 Duo Kits, IQOS 3 Holders, IQOS 3 Multi & IQOS lil Solid 2.0
FAQ's of IQOS Heets Yellow Selection :

What Is Heets Yellow Selection?

Heets Yellow Selection is a scrumptious collection of Heets classics with a hint of Russian history. These sticks provide a smooth, polished texture and a mild lemony flavor.

What Flavor Are Heets Yellow Selection?

Yellow Selection combines the zesty scent notes of Heets with the natural aromatic notes of tobacco to create a blend that is both mellow and refreshing.

Which is stronger Heets Yellow Selection or Heets Yellow Green Selection?

It's difficult to say that Yellow Selection is more powerful than Yellow Green Selection. Aromatically, both are of equal quality, but consumers claim that the yellow selection is more intense than the yellow-green selection.

How Much Nicotine and Tobacco Is In Heets Yellow Selection?

Each stick of Yellow Selection Heets contains 0.5 grams of nicotine and weighs 5.3 grams of tobacco mixture.

Where Can I Buy Yellow Selection Heets?

The Yellow Heets Selection is available from Heets Dubai at a very reasonable price. Take advantage of the reduced price now! Strong IQOS sellers are required for strong IQOS products.

What is yellow selection in Heets?

Heets Yellow Selection is a perfect tobacco stick for those who want a classic taste with sweet and delicate undertones. It's not too overpowering, making it the ideal choice for those who are looking for something milder.

What is the taste of Heets yellow?

Heets Yellow Selection is the perfect tobacco taste--not too strong, with a delicate sweetness and aroma.

What is the difference between yellow and amber Heets?

Heets Yellow Selection is a milder and sweeter tobacco stick in comparison to the classic Amber. The amber has a more full-bodied taste, but Heets Yellow Selection has a delicate sweetness with a subtle Tobacco blend aroma.

How many Heets yellow should you smoke a day?

Heets yellow is similar to regular cigarettes so if you are smoking 5-6 cigarettes then you should not exceed 5-6 Heets yellow a day.

Is yellow Heets strong?

No, Heets yellow is a mild and smooth tobacco stick with subtle notes of sweetness. It is not as strong as other Heets Classic flavors, making it the perfect choice for those who want to switch from solid smoking to something milder.

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33 reviews for IQOS Heets Yellow Selection

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I had a problem with my device and a very nice agent called Job helped me and guide me solving my problem




Thank you Malcolm for all your help and support you been amazing and patient with me




Always quick delivery service and lovely staff. Thank you




ood sticks, the taste is soft. The main thing is there is no smell from the mouth, or from clothes and hands




QOS sticks have a fairly wide range of flavors, and Yellow Selection is the most optimal of them. Classic unobtrusive taste without unnecessary impurities, with sufficient strength and without an unpleasant




The difference from cigarettes is huge, but after two days I got used to them. I tried other sticks and realized that these are the best ones. They are very light and will not suit smokers of heavy cigarettes



Samuel J

A mixed flavor of sweetness and sour at a same time. The quality of the sticks are good and evenly taste is very soft.



Kelly cheyne

Being a lightest flavor among all of the ones that I tried. No bad odour from mouth or clothes because of light flavor. Can smoke hassle free. Highly recommended for the light tobacco with a mellowish taste of mixed sweet and sour



Steve B

IQOS provide various flavor and it got the upper hand in every type of flavor, and I personally tasted and tested almost every flavor because being in a community of E-cigg smokers we get to taste different flavors. Recently tried this one and here today




A sticky notes of spicy flavors with in-line of mixed blends envelope in it. The taste becomes unique and the lighter objectify the flavor. It does have an impressive taste.




Went out with my crush and I gave this flavor she wants to try on, she literally loved this flavor and I get so much appreciation after that. Like Jeremiah your hands on taste is so well good. I got butterflies and truly she loved it so much that she want




The tobacco leaves are so well refined and it is blended very well. Like I only smokes and loves non menthol Variants and this one becomes my favorite now I loved it so much.



Andre Fobler

Very quick and efficient serves Because the delivery system is so fast. Apart from this the product is so smooth while I was smoking I enjoyed alot and the flavor made my mood totally.



Lizzie McLaughlin

I like the yellow green selection sticks more this one is light and I tried it. In my opinion this one is best for those who're into light tobacco and needs a smooth fruitful flavor. I am more into strong flavors



Karim D

I just switched smoking from traditional cigarettes to E-cigg and this IQOS and yellow selection flavor helped me alot. It's an excellent alternative to smoking. Even my wife is allowing me to enjoy this. It is very handy, pocket friendly




I'm not a smoker, but I've been around smokers my whole life. My dad smokes, and so does my grandpa. A few years ago, my grandpa switched to Heets because they're less harsh on his throat than traditional cigarettes. I decided to try them out for myself,




The sweet and sour flavor is amazing and the tobacco blend is perfect. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an alternative to smoking.



Lydia George

I love the Heets Yellow Selection! The smoker's morning cough disappeared after a week of use. The taste of citrus is declared, yes, it gives a refreshing twist to the smoking experience. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.




I've tried a few different types of Heets and I have to say that I like the Yellow Selection the best. It's a great choice if you're looking for something that's both zesty and subtle.




I really enjoy Heets Yellow Selection. There is practically no smoke, and there is only a faint barely perceptible taste of tobacco with a hint of some spices. It's suitable for me for permanent use.




I only smoke and love non menthol variants and this one has become my favorite. They are not as strong as some of the other Heets flavors and I find them to be more enjoyable.




I'm very impressed with the customer service I received from Job. He was very helpful and patient while walking me through how to solve my problem. I would definitely recommend this website and about the support services to anyone looking for quality cust




I was a little hesitant to try the Heets Yellow Label at first, but I'm glad I did. The taste is really mild, and the vapor is practically odorless. It's a good standard flavor that I can see myself using often.



Kelley Casey

The tobacco is of good quality and the flavor is classic. I can't imagine not liking these sticks - there's only the taste of tobacco, so they can't be bad or not tasty.




The manufacturer mentions a hint of spices, and I think that this addition really enhances the flavor. Heets Yellow Selection is perfect for those person who really wants a classic smoking experience.




I have been using IQOS for 3 years now and during all this time I have never regretted purchasing it. For myself, I concluded that I do not like to smoke tobacco cigarettes, but I love using IQOS.



Shukri Tahan

It doesn't produce any waste or bad smell, and it doesn't bother other people around me. Plus, it's really easy to use - you just need to charge it up and then you're good to go.




They have a really good flavor: extreme level satisfaction. I have tried other flavors, but most often I buy these sticks. They are a good option to quickly switch from regular cigarettes to IQOS.



Eva Tyler

I used to smoke cigarettes, but now I switched to Heets yellow ones. I like that they have a fruity flavor and they don't make me cough as much. I think they're helping me quit smoking completely.




I've never been a huge fan of tobacco flavors, but Heets Yellow Selection is really something special. It's light and airy, with a subtle sweetness that reminds me of caramel popcorn. I could definitely see myself vaping this all day long.




Heets Yellow is my new favorite smoking alternative. The flavor is fantastic and does not disappear after two puffs, but lasts about half an hour. I highly recommend this product!



Jayce Morris

The perfect blend of selected tobacco and light spices make these sticks a great choice for those who want to enjoy a smooth, flavorful smoke.



Sarah mouazen

The product is a premium quality tobacco-based product, which provides an intense but smooth taste. It has a rich aroma that lingers in the air after inhalation and exhalation, making it quite enjoyable to use.

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