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Where can I buy the best IQOS products in Dubai?

Our highly efficient and premium IQOS devices, heatsticks with flavors such as HEETS turquoise, yellow, silver, amber, purple, green, sienna, yugen, and more are exclusively available on our online stores like

How often to charge your IQOS device?

Generally, your IQOS devices should be charged after every use. All need to do is clear it after use and close the lid before charging. A blinking light on the device indicates that the device is getting charged.

Is it recommended to use specific IQOS cleaning products?

Franky saying, Yes. We recommend our users to buy our high quality IQOS accessories available with us at a much cheaper price. Doing so, your IQOS device will be in use for long.

Our IQOS device should be charged for how long?

The charging duration totally depends on the device type. Mostly an IQOS devices takes around one hour duration to be properly charged. Some devices available across the UAE have a battery indicating light on them.

What is the solution while facing difficulty while inserting a new heatstick into IQOS device?

You may come across this situation if your IQOS device is empty. To solve this issue, you need to empty the leftover of the used heatstick and then try inserting a new one.

Can I reuse my HEETS?

No. You should never use a used HEET more than once and you must dispose of it properly when finished with one. Also, partially-used sheets are not reusable either so think twice before doing it.

Why VAPE and IQOS are less injurious than traditional cigarettes?

Nicotine utilization is most common in every single smoking cycle. Nicotine is an alkaloid of gasoline contained in stems and leaves of tobacco. Nicotine is immediately absorbed by the body and gets into the blood in a few seconds,affecting the brain and the central nervous system.

Nicotine consumption is highly addictive which causes rapid effects on the human body. Nicotine alone isn't that destructive but of all substances contained in a cigarette, usually nicotine does less damage to a human health.

Normally, smoking a traditional cigarette produces 250 destructive substances that impacts the condition of vessels, heart and can cause oncology infections. Damage from these harmful substances was confirmed by various investigations. IQOS or vape helps to give up smoking and reduce the damage to health.

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